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Can You Still Trust God?

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 When things are going your way, trusting the Lord is easy. But when painful trials, unmet needs, or lost dreams assail, do you wonder if God can still be trusted?

What do you do when facing a challenge that seems insurmountable? Do you believe God can be trusted? In Can You Still Trust God?, Charles Stanley reveals three essential beliefs for trusting God:

1. God is perfect in His love

2. God is infinite in wisdom, and

3. God is absolutely sovereign

Even when you cannot understand why God would allow certain situations to occur, these core beliefs form the basis for trusting Him. Your ability to receive the blessings God has for you is determined by the degree to which these wise truths are embedded in your soul. Charles Stanley has written often and sensitively on coping with adversity in Christian life. Now, in a new compilation of his best writings on the topic, Dr. Stanley shares wisdom for believing God’s goodness and receiving His blessings, even in the most trying of times.

Stanley then presents five blessings that can be yours when you choose to believe God can be trusted, even when you do not know what the next day will bring. You can face any circumstance with confidence and hope because it is not your strength, wisdom, energy, or power that is the ultimate source of victory. It is God’s ability. When you trust Him, you tap into an eternal force that cannot be harnessed by any human constraints.

Can You Still Trust God? is a message of hope for anyone struggling to reconcile the suffering and turmoil in the world with a loving God. Pastors, ministers, and Bible study leaders will find a resource for teaching their communities about God’s promises and how to deepen their trust in Him. 



The text of this book has been adapted from other sources:

Introduction: Trusting God:  Living the Extraordinary Life - Principle 4

Part 1: God Meets Your Every Need

1.  The Promise Maker:  God Has an Answer for Our Unmet Needs - Chapter 6

2.  Unlimited Supply:  God Has an Answer for Our Unmet Needs - Chapter 7

3.  A Way Out:  God Has an Answer for Our Unmet Needs - Chapter 8

4.  His Presence:  God Has an Answer for Our Unmet Needs - Chapter 9

Part 2:  God Communicates with You

5.  Ask, Seek, and Knock:  Living the Extraordinary Life - Principle 8

6.  A Message Precisely for You:  Discover Your Destiny - Chapter 5

7.  Are You Listening?:  How to Listen to God - Chapter 6

8.  Sitting Before the Lord:  How to Listen to God - Chapter 7

Part 3:  God Frees You from Fear and Anxiety

9.  Why We Lose Our Peace:  Finding Peace - Chapter 4

10.  Overcoming Fear:  Finding Peace - Chapter 12

11.  Giving Up Anxiety:  Finding Peace - Chapter 8

12.  Dealing with the Causes of Anxiety:  Finding Peace - Chapter 9

Part 4:  God Provides a Way Through Pain and Suffering

13.  The Power of Perspective:  How to Handle Adversity - Chapter 2

14.  Advancing Through Adversity:  How to Handle Adversity - Chapter 5

15.  The Power of Weakness:  How to Handle Adversity - Chapter 10

16.  Faithful Is He Who Called You:  How to Handle Adversity - Chapter 11

Part 5:  God Reveals a Plan for Your Life

17.  A Personal Promise:  God Has a Plan for Your Life - Introduction, Chapters 2,3,4

18.  Success God's Way:  Success God's Way - Chapter 2

19.  A Need for You to Meet:  Discover Your Destiny - Chapter 6

20.  Promises to Experience:  Discover Your Destiny - Chapter 8

Conclusion: Walking with God: Living the Extraordinary Life



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Stanley, Charles
Thomas Nelson
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