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Rose Guide To The Temple

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Easily See How the Jerusalem Temple May Have Looked 3,000 Years Ago 

Rose Guide to the Temple is the ONLY Christian book on the Temple in Jerusalem with clear plastic overlays that allow you to "see inside" the Jerusalem temple AND has over 150 temple pictures, illustrations, diagrams, and charts! 

Rose Guide to the Temple is a full-color Christian book that provides a complete easy-to-understand overview of the history of the Temple in Jerusalem. Based on the most up-to-date discoveries, this book explains the biblical and historical background of the temple in Jerusalem. If you enjoy studying God's Word, you will love the fact that Rose Guide to the Temple answers many questions about how the Jerusalem Temple looked during biblical times. 

 Features Exclusive Temple Pictures, Temple Mount Illustrations, and Clear Plastic Overlays

 Rose Guide to the Temple has 150 images, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations, many of which have never published before, and covers the important events and people in the history of the Temple from Abraham to modern day. Includes—

  • Stunning graphics and temple pictures with clear plastic overlays showing the inside of the Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, and Herod's Temple.
  • Dozens of temple illustrations, floor plans and diagrams by top biblical illustrators and archaeologists: Solomon's temple, Nehemiah / Zerubbabel's Temple, Herod's temple, Ezekiel's Temple, etc. (Detailed, clearly labeled, and easy-to-read)
  • 100-event timeline from the time of King David to modern day (there are 5 detailed time lines in this book).
  • Dome of the Rock history, floor plan, cross-section, and the area where the Ark of the Covenant may have stood.
  • Pictures and simply explanations of the high priestly garments, feasts, and sacrifices
  • Dozens of charts showing loads of information at a glance and making it easy to compare Old and New Testament scripture.
  • Bonus! Fold-out Temple Poster by National Geographic® shows a new digital model of the Herodian Temple Mount and Temple Mount throughout time!
Section 1: God's Sanctuary Before the Temple (Pre-temple Sanctuaries)
  • Overview of the Temple in God's Plan
  • Pre-Temple Sanctuaries (The Garden of Eden, The Tabernacle, etc)
  • Background on the Temple— What does "Temple" mean? How do we know about the Temple?
Section 2: The First Temple in Jerusalem (The First Temple's Construction, Design, and Destruction)
  • Overview of the First Temple— Solomon's Temple, King David, King Solomon, and the destruction of the First Temple
  • Diagrams and description of key parts of the Temple complex and key furnishings, including the courtyard, the Holy Place, the Holy of Holies, the veil, Brazen Altar, Bronze basins, the Ark of the Covenant, the Golden lampstand, and more!
  • Summary of the purposes of the Temple, priestly duties, and the various feasts of Israel.
Section 3: The Second Temple in Jerusalem (Zerubbabel's Temple and Herod's Temple)
  • Covers Zerubbabel's Temple— the site, construction of the Temple, the Temple Mount, political upheaval, and the Romans conquest of Jerusalem
  • Covers Herod's Temple— Herod's plan for a a bigger temple, the construction, the new temple mount, Herod's Temple design, and the destruction of the Temple.
  • The Temple's importance at Jesus' time
Section 4: The Modern Temple Mount and Future Temple (Ezekiel's Temple)
  • History of the Temple Mount after the Temple: from Early Roman and Byzantine period through the Crusades to the modern era.
  • The Temple Mount Today: from Early Roman and Byzantine period through the Crusades to the modern era. Includes the political struggle for the Temple Mount throughout history
  • The Future Temple—Ezekiel's Temple: The Temple Scroll and the new Jerusalem



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